Victory for AC Schnitzer in the Reader Survey of the Swiss "auto illustrierte" 2009

We achieved a spectacular victory in the reader survey "The Best Tuning Cars 2009" of the renowned magazine "auto illustrierte" reflecting the votes of almost 2,000 fans of powerful cars.

So we enjoyed a clear win over the competition for the "Sedans and Station Wagon" with the 7 series by AC Schnitzer (based in F01/F02) and in this sector scored 12.5 percent of the total possible votes. The closest competitor, the Audi RS4 from, came in with just 9.6% and with 9.2% from all votes the Abt Audi RS6 reached the third place.

AC Schnitzer thanks all "auto illustrierte" readers who responded for their vote of confidence and are pleased, that the big effort, which we invest in the development of AC Schnitzer parts, is honoured in this way.

Here you can find the online article of auto illustrierte (German):