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AC Schnitzer offers exclusively custom-made vehicle components for BMW vehicles. The vehicles shown are not new models developed by us, but technology platforms for our accessory components. Thanks to our flexible modular system, we can offer individual components, assemblies or complete conversions. All components are precisely matched to each other. Complete conversions achieve the best results in vehicle optimisation. We call such vehicles "genuine AC Schnitzer" and "enhance" these models with our logo and type designation.

"... - there's simply no better combination of driving pleasure and usefulness out there at the moment."."

M3 by AC Schnitzer record tour on the Sachsenring

Auto Bild sportscars
issue 03-2017, German - 6.0 pages

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M3 and M4 by AC Schnitzer: Aachen tuning experts present new dimensions for M-sport power for everyday sporty driving

The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer have given the BMW M3 and M4 with M-sport power a further energy boost. Once again, the Aachen-based tuning experts have shown that there is still no upper limit to power and sporting performance. This extra power and performance is evident in the M3 and M4 by AC Schnitzer in every driving situation, both on the track and in everyday use on public roads.

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