The Wheels

The wheelarches can be perfectly filled with AC Schnitzer wheels and corresponding tyres in Type IV BiColor or silver, Type V forged alloy rims in BiColor or Type VIII in BiColor or as forged racing rims in BiColor.

A totally new addition to the range is the Type VIII forged alloy wheel in BiColor in 21-inch, which weighs in at just a sensational 11.5 kg (9.0J x 21") or 11.9 kg (10.0J x 21"). So in comparison with standard wheels (star spoke 311) in 20-inch, these offer a weight saving of 30%. And that's despite the fact that the AC Schnitzer Type VIII forged alloy wheels are a full inch larger.

Discover the AC Schnitzer wheel range for your dream car, too. Actually here you can find our complete wheel variety for many current BMW models. Enjoy assembling your AC Schnitzer dream wheel.
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