Free from the compromises of series production, AC Schnitzer develops custom components to the highest standard of perfection.

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Carbon - High tech material from motorsports. Super light and very stiff: the AC Schnitzer carbon aerodynamic components

We at AC Schnitzer work exclusively with the highest quality materials to give each BMW that extra exclusivity, so also with carbon fiber reinforced plastic, or in short: carbon.

Carbon is distinguished by its extreme stiffness and at the same time very low weight. Due to these characteristics, this material is now an integral part of racing.

AC Schnitzer Carbon Aerodynamics for BMW i8 (I12)

The production of carbon is very complex. Fibrous fibers are first woven from fibers, which are then woven into fiber matrices and are then treated with various plastics in a further step. From this point onwards, the material is very sensitive, even slight stretching leads to irreparable damage in the texture and makes the product useless. Only in careful manual work can this high-sensitivity fabric be fitted into complex shapes. Finally, the components are cured in the autoclave and then painted. The flawless surface ultimately reflects, above all, one thing: perfection down to the last fiber.

AC Schnitzer Carbon Aerodynamics for BMW M4 (F82)

We work exclusively with full carbon, our components are completely made of carbon. We do not work with plastic carriers coated with carbon. We offer carbon aerodynamics components for various models. The use of carbon makes sense especially for sporty models, but also for ecologically oriented vehicles. We already used our experience with this high-tech material in some concept vehicles, such as the AC Schnitzer 99d, the ACS4 Sport or the RAPTOR. The fact that our carbon components are not only technically but also visually an enrichment for every BMW, was confirmed by the readers of german magazine "sport auto" in the 2016 readers' choice.

AC Schnitzer Carbon Aerodynamics for BMW M2 (F87)


Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer

  • Original AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components improve driving behaviour by increasing downforce

Greater agility

  • The AC Schnitzer authenticity certificate supplied with all aerodynamic components from AC Schnitzer guarantees high quality and extensively tested materials which have a very long life.

Increased safety

  • Extremely long life thanks to the use of high quality materials. The principle applies: at least BMW standard – or better
  • Fitting accuracy at series-production level
  • Easy fitting: where possible, original fixings are used and detailed fitting instructions provided together with the homologation certificate

Individual design

  • Unique design line for different models
  • Stylish, sporting overall appearance

Increased driving pleasure

  • Perceptible increase in the sporting performance of your vehicle thanks to the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components, giving you a more intensive experience.

AC Schnitzer Carbon Aerodynamics for BMW M3 (F80)