Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer

Efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe performance upgrades for BMW vehicles by AC Schnitzer

M6 Gran Coupé with AC Schnitzer performance upgrade to 456 kW/620 hp and engine optics

Guaranteed carefree driving pleasure
The tuning experts at AC Schnitzer offer even more driving pleasure with a wealth of performance upgrades for BMW vehicles. From the 1-series to the 7-series BMW, and for all models of the X-series, the M-Power models and the Z4, so far many upgrades have been developed to help engines "on their way" with an extra 27 to 93 HP.

AC Schnitzer control unit for petrol engines

Engine tuning and performance upgrades have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. With years of experience and sound engineering knowledge, we assess all parameters relevant for performance and test the engines in complex structured, simulated driving tests with long-term loads on their in-house roller test bed, on the test track and under everyday conditions in road traffic. Development is focussed on targeted performance upgrades by detecting all relevant engine data, significantly improving acceleration and flexibility with an optimised response behaviour of the BMW vehicles.

M 135i with AC Schnitzer performance upgrade to 265 kW/360 hp and engine optics

Because at AC Schnitzer, not only driving pleasure but also the safety aspect is an essential element of company philosophy, all products are developed following a quality control system (to DIN ISO 9001:2008) and are homologated (to § 19 StVZO – state-specific).

AC Schnitzer control unit diesel

An additional engine control unit which, thanks to "Plug-and-Play“ technology, can be installed and activated quickly, works in parallel with the original ECU and ensures carefree driving. The intelligent control electronics detect all relevant engine data and increase power and torque in a targeted fashion.

AC Schnitzer sticker (back coated) for rear side windows

The software database is constantly brought up to date by experts and has the facility for online programming, diagnosis and update (petrol models). For even more safety, all standard engine protection functions are monitored: the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade only switches on under optimum engine conditions. In the event of irregularities, the efficient performance unit switches off to prevent overloading the engine and powertrain.

At AC Schnitzer, more engine power means more driving pleasure without a guilty conscience towards the environment. Because in almost all engines, the standard consumption and CO2 emissions remain unchanged as a result of the efficiency gain. The increase in power even improves the CO2 figure per HP and the optimised engine efficiency also allows fuel savings.

For even more carefree driving, there is the two-year warranty from AC Schnitzer. From the date of first registration up to a total kilometrage of 100,000 km (for M-Power vehicles, two years up to a total kilometrage of 60,000 km), the Aachen-based company offers a warranty on all components excluded from the BMW warranty. In addition, there is the option of a warranty extension for the third year. Choosing AC Schnitzer means you're guaranteed to sit happily back in your seat - without a guilty conscience or unpleasant surprises!

That's Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer.

Only Genuine with Certificate and Hologram

You will recognize genuine AC Schnitzer performance upgrades on the hologram with numbering on the control unit, the certificate of origin with the same numbering like on the control unit, the badge made of special steel for the engine compartment and finally on the backcoated stickers for the rear side windows.

Only if you have received your performance upgrade in a package like that you can be sure: you are now owner of a genuine AC Schnitzer performance upgrade.

The complete set of a genuine AC Schnitzer performance upgrade consisting of:

  • AC Schnitzer control unit incl. wiring harness
  • AC Schnitzer certificate of origin with hologram numbering
  • AC Schnitzer badge made of special steel for engine compartment
  • AC Schnitzer stickers for rear side windows, 2 pieces


2007: AC Schnitzer GP3.10
2009: ACS3 3.5d Coupé

Did you know that AC Schnitzer holds two high speed world records with alternative drives in road legal cars?
The AC Schnitzer GP 3.10 GAS POWERED is the world's fastest car with liquid gas fuel and the
335d Coupé by AC Schnitzer is the fastest Diesel car.


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AC Schnitzer 99d

The latest Efficient Performance development is named "AC Schnitzer 99d" (based on BMW Z4 Roadster). The lightweight Coupé only produces 99 g/km CO2 emissions, consumes 3.8 l Diesel per 100 km (overall), has 190 HP and is 235 km/h fast. Learn more

Technical Data Sheets

These can be found on the pages "Products - Models" - in the fields of "Engineering".

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