AC Schnitzer fights product piracy for your safety under the motto: "Stop the Copy"

AC Schnitzer products, in particular wheels, undergo numerous tests to guarantee their strength in every situation.

Recently impounded wheel copies which AC Schnitzer has passed to the TUEV for testing were found to be dangerous:


The copy wheels broke!!

Because of poor quality, counterfeit copies can suffer sudden catastrophic damage not only in vehicles moving in the limit range but also on vehicles in "normal" use. No insurance will cover the consequences and resulting compensation claims.

The impounded wheel copies were a safety risk to road traffic and have been destroyed.

In addition, economic losses amounting to millions for the worldwide AC Schnitzer trading organisation are another important reason for AC Schnitzer to take rigorous action against product piracy.

AC Schnitzer will continue to take action against all counterfeiters, and thus make an active contribution to customer safety. Because buyers of AC Schnitzer products have a right to high quality special developments which have undergone extensive testing, and this can only be guaranteed by AC Schnitzer Original Parts.

A few facts about product piracy

  • The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) estimates the economic damage caused by product and brand piracy in Germany to be around 20 - 30 billion Euro per year
  • In the estimation of the DIHK, already around 70,000 jobs have been lost

  • When they use counterfeits or copies, consumers may be exposing themselves to substantial risks of accident and danger to health

The Video Gallery Stop the Copy

Video AC Schnitzer "Stop the Copy"
Distruction of wheel copies - 2010-06 - approx. 1:37 min. watch


The following figures have been published by the German customs agency