ACS K 1600 GT / GTL

With the BMW C 600 Sport, BMW has also taken the lead in the Maxi Scooter family. Reason enough for AC Schnitzer to turn its attention to this vehicle.

AC Schnitzer C 6000 Sport

The AC Schnitzer STEALTH has been adapted as a perfect fit, and tailor-made for the BMW C 600 Sport Scooter. Fitted below the rear foot rest, its hexagonal form and matt black look perfectly matches the style of the scooter.
The short design gives a clear view of the rear wheel while the carbon inlet and exhaust caps complete the overall impression.

AC Schnitzer C 600 Sport

The AC Schnitzer STEALTH  for C600 Sport and C 650 GT – in detail:

- Made fully from stainless steel.
- Removable sound insert.
- Ultra-lightweight construction with carbon inlet and exhaust caps.
- EC BE.
- Solid, emotive sound.
- Fantastic performance.

Sound of the STEALTH