R 1200 GS 2013 by AC Schnitzer

This machine provides the right performance for every occasion - and the right sound is provided by the STEALTH silencer by AC Schnitzer.

The AC Schnitzer STEALTH offers the following benefits:

- made entirely from stainless steel
- removable sound insert
- ultralight construction with carbon inlet and outlet caps
- complete with EU approval
- robust, emotive sound
- fabulous performance
- compatible with panniers and passenger






R 1200 GS up to 2012

High quality components are characterised by excellent fit and durability, and by perfect integration into the existing silhouette. So the AC Schnitzer designers first picked up the side covers over the tank. This curved shape was extended over the Boxer engine parallel to the auxiliary frame leading to the rear, and ends under the pillion. This completes the aesthetic line between the tank and the rear, and creates a new harmonious overall appearance in the models up to mj 2007

AC Schnitzer side cover up to mj 2007
AC Schnitzer front mudgard 17 offset
AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer
AC Schnitzer clutch and brake levers
AC Schnitzer high performance air filter
AC Schnitzer mirror extension set
AC Schnitzer crash pad cardan


The acoustic signals are provided by the AC Schnitzer STEALTH silencer - with EC type approval - which further emphasises the motorsport heritage of the R 1200 GS. The silencer is fitted with a removable "DB-Killer". In addition a decat sports manifold is available without presilencer, specially developed for long-distance riders, passenger and luggage remain in full operation possible.

Tested clutch and brake levers of high-strength aeronautical aluminium not only look sophisticated, but are also adjustable over a wide range. These are also available for the complete F 800 series and for many other BMW models.