AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer Performance Sports Air Filter for more sustained power!

AC Schnitzer offers a Performance Sports Air Filter for many BMW motorbikes. These special filters never need changing, but can be re-used time and time again after cleaning. Their advanced material structure and clever design means they give higher throughput and bring a perceptible gain in performance, especially when used in combination with an AC Schnitzer or other accessory exhaust system.

AC Schnitzer Luftfilter

In contrast to many other products, the AC Schnitzer Performance Air Filter is not made of a simple cotton/wire mesh, but with multiple laminated layers of polyurethane foam mesh. This guarantees a higher, more stable air flow than in conventional filters. Pre-impregnated to repel dirt, the filters are ready for installation and do not clog as quickly. Sustained constant performance and longer maintenance intervals are further good reasons for changing.

AC Schnitzer Luftfilter

Fixed benefits include:

- More power
- Longer maintenance intervals
- Ready for installation
- Original equipment quality
- Polyurethane foam mesh
- Available for almost all current BMW models,
  and the R 1100 and R 1150 series.