BLAKEN and AC Schnitzer Refine the Watch-Car Combination

Bildquelle / Picture Source: BLAKEN

Menden/Aachen. What do quality watches and cars have in common? Both represent a luxury for the buyer which should eflect his character.

So individually customized models such as those produced by watch maker BLAKEN and vehicle tuner AC Schnitzer are always popular. Whereas BLAKEN has specialised in Rolex watches, AC Schnitzer has concentrated on BMW and MINI models. 


Bildquelle / Picture Source: BLAKEN

"To help our customers buy a complementary watch and car, we recently entered a collaboration with AC Schnitzer", said Hendrik Jürgens, founder and Managing Director of BLAKEN. "For example, anyone now buying an ACS6 Gran Coupé also has the opportunity to order a BLAKEN Explorer II with AC Schnitzer branding.

We can create the right counterpart on the wrist for every other model too", adds Rainer Vogel, Managing Director of AC Schnitzer. In this way, connoisseurs of cars and watches have two complementary luxury models which attract attention both on the road and on the wrist.

Performance in Copper

Bildquelle / Picture Source: BLAKEN

Both the dial of the BLAKEN Explorer II and the associated AC Schnitzer car gleam in a matt copper tone. Real tuning fans however insist on more than a sophisticated appearance: performance also matters. With the ACS6 Gran Coupé, AC Schnitzer has completely re-interpreted the BMW 6-series. As well as a performance upgrade to 360 hp, there are new twin sports rear silencers, a different braking system and a body kit. Depending on the base model, the company also fit a front spoiler, a rear diffuser or a rear skirt extension.

Bildquelle / Picture Source: BLAKEN

Similarly, the BLAKEN Explorer II is given a stunning surface finish. Thanks to the diamond-like carbon process, the watch material is eight times harder than conventional watch steel. Together with the restyled face which now gleams in a copper colour, the watch is the perfect match for the ACS6 Gran Coupé and is equipped for every adventure.

The prize for the BLAKEN Explorer II by AC Schnitzer is 12.750,- € inkl. 19% VAT. It can be ordered exclusively at BLAKEN directly.  Here you can find further detailed information


BLAKEN Explorer II by AC Schnitzer