The Suspension Technology

Suspension components from AC Schnitzer improve driving comfort, dynamics and safety. Essential requirements for this is that the wheels always have contact with the ground, and that road-holding, cornering stability, braking and steering safety are

Manfred Wollgarten personally approves the extremely high product quality of all AC Schnitzer suspension components and certifies the extensive test process for every original product.Suspension

Are you intereseted in testing routine and suspension approval? Then have a look here.

7-post driving dynamics test jig: simulates all possible driving states and road surfaces
Servohydraulic damper test jig, e.g. for fatigue testing

The spring kits for the MINI

Authentic AC Schnitzer spring kit

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit meets these requirements through its combination of optimum lowering in conjunction with adapted residual spring travel, with simultaneous balancing of spring rates.


  •  Original AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit for front and rear axle
  •  Lowering of around 20 - 35 mm possible
  • Thoroughly tested and optimised by our suspension team under the supervision of our chassis expert and Touring Car driver, Manfred Wollgarten
  • suitable for both normal road use, driving courses and track use

Improved agility:

  • Lowering the centre of gravity by lowering the vehicle brings a perceptible improvement in driving dynamics and cornering behaviour
  • Suitable for a spirited driving style

Increased safety:

  • Changing the vehicle's centre of gravity gives higher safety reserves on load changes and sudden  manoeuvres, and hence raises the limit zone
  • The authenticity certificate of the original AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit guarantees a high standard of safety and highest quality
  • Developed and extensively tested on the North Loop of the Nuerburgring, where every test result is  used for improvement

Improved driving pleasure:

  • The AC Schnitzer spring kit gives enthusiastic drivers an emotional and exciting driving experience