Victory and extended leadership: AC Schnitzer has again been voted best BMW tuner at the "sport auto AWARD 2021"!

Once again BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has achieved a spectacular 5-fold victory in the readers' poll of the renowned magazine "sport auto", in which 15,522 fans of sporty automobiles took part: 5 times this year, the Aacheners took first place in various categories.

The fact that AC Schnitzer enjoys the best reputation in general was confirmed twice by the readers. The ratings of the "Best Brands" categories "Optical Tuning" (49,9 %) and "Engine Tuning" (57,1 %) were won across all brands. In both areas - the engine/performance upgrades and the aerodynamic conversions - the readers of the "sport auto" AC Schnitzer thus attribute the highest level of competence to AC Schnitzer.

In addition to the Best Brands votes, the readers also voted for their favorites from 76 tuning cars in 10 categories.

MINI John Cooper Works GP by AC Schnitzer
M8 Competition Gran Coupé by AC Schnitzer
540i by AC Schnitzer

The MINI John Cooper Works GP by AC Schnitzer won the category "Tuning - Small Cars" (34.9%). The category "Tuning - Saloons/Wagons over 100,000 €" (20.9%) was dominated by the M8 Competition Gran Coupé by AC Schnitzer and the last, first place in the category "Tuning - Saloons/Wagons up to 100,000 €" went to the 540i by AC Schnitzer with 39.6% of the votes. No other tuning vehicle received as many votes as the 540i by AC Schnitzer.

M135i by AC Schnitzer
Z4 M40i by AC Schnitzer
M440i by AC Schnitzer
M850i by AC Schnitzer

In addition, the M135i by AC Schnitzer, Z4 M40i by AC Schnitzer, M440i by AC Schnitzer and the M850i by AC Schnitzer were voted second and third on the podium.

Rainer Vogel, Managing Director of AC Schnitzer, is delighted: "Five first places! Such an outstanding result is the best present anyone can give us. It confirms that we will continue to adhere to our philosophy of always developing new functional parts for BMW, MINI and TOYOTA. Our innovations always have a real technical and emotional added value for the customer and they are at least as good in quality as their series counterparts

All results at a glance

1. PlaceOptical Tuningacross brands
1. PlaceEngine Tuningacross brands
1. PlaceMINI JCW GP by AC Schnitzer Tuning Small Cars
1. Place540i by AC SchnitzerTuning Saloons/Wagons up to € 100,000
1. PlaceM8 Comp. Gran Coupé by AC SchnitzerTuning Saloons/Wagons over € 100.000
2. PlaceZ4 M40i by AC SchnitzerTuning Cabrios/Roadster up to € 100,000
2. PlaceM440i by AC Schnitzer Tuning Coupés up to € 100.000
3. PlaceM135i by AC SchnitzerTuning Compact Cars
3. PlaceM850i by AC SchnitzerTuning Coupés over € 100.000

Here you can find the report from

sport auto 12/2021

Readers survey "sport auto AWARD" (German)

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