The AC Schnitzer Program for the 5 series G30 and G31

Pushing the Boundaries on the Road
Business Vehicles with a Strong Sporting Pedigree: The BMW 5-series Business Saloon (G30) and Touring (G31) by AC Schnitzer set new standards

The 5-series saloon by BMW had only just been launched when, in March 2017, the BMW 5-series Touring had its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. This fired the starting gun for the tuning specialists at AC Schnitzer to set new standards for the BMW business class, raising the bar even higher.

The video gallery

AC Schnitzer silencer for BMW 550i - homologated

AC Schnitzer silencer for BMW 540i - not homologated

AC Schnitzer silencer for BMW 540i - homologated

The 7th generation of the new 5-series (G30, G31) is now here - total playing time: approx. 1:03 min

The Image Gallery - G30, G31