The AC Schnitzer ACS3 CLS based on BMW M3

A street-legal race-touring-car - this dream came true with the ACS3 Sport CLS. The ideal basic car of this 320 HP two door Coupé is the BMW M3 whose sporty concept has been refined further on. The basic idea of the AC Schnitzer CLS is the optimising of the weight-to-power-ratio which is extremely important for the perfomances of a car. They did notonly rely on light weight construction but as well on a fully reliable power increase of the 2990 ccm big six-cylinder-four-valve-engine.

The AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport CLS was designed as a thoroughbred race car but still fully driveable for the street with it`s more powerful engine and weight-saving of approximately 160 kilogramms. This aim certainly got fulfilled by its driving performances of a sprint-time of 5,5 second from 0 - 100 km/h and maximum speed of 276 km/h.

The Engineering of the AC Schnitzer CLS

The basic 6-cylinder engine gets upgraded with sports-camshafts, high performance-exhaust and a new Motronic-mapping. The results are a maximum power of 320 BHP at 7000 rpm and an increased maximum torque of 340 Nm at 3600 revs.

The Brakes of the AC Schnitzer CLS

To meet the claims of a street-legal race-car there also has been installed a high-performance brake-system with perforated and ventilated discs around.



The Suspension Technology of the AC Schnitzer CLS

Guarantor for an extremely sporty handling is the height-adjustable AC Schnitzer chassis which lowers the M3 up to 25 millimeters and together with the adjustable stabilizers the M3 could be tuned even more agile.

The Wheels of the AC Schnitzer CLS

The black painted racing rims in 9.0J x 18" front and 10.0J x 18" rear are equipped with rubbers of the dimensions 235/40 R 18 front and 285/30 R 18 rear.

The Bodywork of the AC Schnitzer CLS

The engine modification was accompanied by a diet-plan for the complete car: Then there did not only get exchanged the stock bonnet against parts made of extra-light but extremely rigid parts made of Carbon-Kevlar - also the elegant AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport body-kit was completely manufactured from this material. This conversion with its wider fenders around allowed the use of extremely wide tires on the black painted racing rims.

To improve the car`s aerodynamics there had been developed a new front skirt with a spoiler-lip in visible Carbon, a roof-wing to be fixed above the rear windows and a rear wing - components that supply an outstanding aerodynamic balance for the CLS. Additionally there hade been moulded small streamlined side-mirrors and a smoothy rounded rear-skirt.

The Interior of the AC Schnitzer CLS

Also in the interior of the Coupé the connection to motorsport can be recognized very well: AC Schnitzer exchanged the standard seats against extremely light racing seats which are upholstered with black leather. The rear seat bench had been removed completely and got replaced by a very light carpet cover.

The driver controls the car with a compact leather steering wheel covered with black suede leather and gets informed about all important facts from speed over revs up to the engine`s temperatures by digital display which is taken directly from Group-A-racing.

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