The AC Schnitzer CLS II based on BMW M3 Coupé

Coupé Lightweight Silhouette II

This concept study shows how an M3 can be converted by professional tuning into a thoroughbred race touring car for road use. The CLS II is based on the AC Schnitzer CLS launched in 1993 but nonetheless is a totally new development. Many components of the CLS II were previously tested in the Group A M3 of the AC Schnitzer race team under extreme conditions such as the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

The CLS II combines lightweight construction with tremendous power and excellent handling. The "diet plan" covers the entire vehicle and requires the use of a high strength ultralight material: carbon fibre kevlar. The aerodynamics and driving stability of the CLS II represent the state of the art.

The Technic of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

To achieve the objective of maximum performance with unrestricted suitability for everyday use, the engine had to be practically rebuilt from scratch.

The modifications, which include a specially programmed AC Schnitzer control unit, finely balanced conrods, precision balanced crankshaft and totally redesigned intake system with a large air box, take the nominal power up to 257 kW / 350 HP with a torque of 355 Nm.

In this guise, the CLS II sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 290 km/h. No surprise then that the CLS II was streets ahead of the competition in the "Tuner Grand Prix 1997".

The Brakes of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

These enormous driving performaces are controlled with the height-adjustable AC Schnitzer racing sports suspension and a high performance brake system. The ABS-controlled high performance brake system with perforated discs around even satisfies highest demands.

The Suspension Techology of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

The combination from progressive springs, which lower the M3 by approximately 35 millimeters, sporty adjusted gas-pressure shock absorbers and

adjustable torsion bars helps the CLS 2 to obtain a race-like handling together with a still extraordinary ride comfort.

Of course the RS adjustable suspension of the AC Schnitzer CLS II has been tested on the North Loop of the Nürburging as well as on public roads.

The Wheels of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

The even wider wings allow the fitting of 9.5J x 18" racing rims on the front and 10.5J x 18" on the rear with low profile tyres in sizes 255/35 R 18 and 285/35 R 18 respectively.

The Bodywork of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

A newly developed front spoiler provides a direct link to the smooth.

The guided air flow is dissipated again through the rear skirt with integral wing profile.

The combination of roof wing and rear wing ensures further downforce.

The electrically adjustable rear wing can be adapted individually to the requirements of any driving situation and converts the 40 kg lift into 11.3 kg downforce on the rear axle (wind tunnel test in "sport auto" no. 11/1997).

The Interior of the AC Schnitzer CLS II

Also in the interior of the CLS 2 it is easily possible to recognize the striving for maximum performances by light-weight construction and the affinity to motorsports.

AC Schnitzer exchanged the stock seats for extremely light racing seats which are upholstered with Competition-Green leather. The rear seats are completely taken off and are replaced by an especially light carpet-cover.

The driver can control this bullet with an ergonomically designed suede-leather steering-wheel and is informed about all important datas from

speed, revs up to temperatures over a display which is coming directly from DTM-racing.

In contrast to the dark-green body colour, many parts inside the cockpit are manufactured in a new, yellow Kevlar/Carbon-compound.

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