The AC Schnitzer V8 roadster based on BMW Z3 2.8i

At the IAA 1997, with the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster, we were the first company to show that a V8 engine fits very neatly in the Z3. This concept car, which received a tumultuous reception in numerous tests by the international motoring press, serves as technology platform for our Test Department and once again proves the high competence of our engineers in the development of totally new concepts and approaches.

The Technic of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

Source of power is the eight-cylinder four-valve engine from the BMW 540i whose power was increased by AC Schnitzer. The V8 was fitted into the engine compartment of the roadster in skilled handiwork. Together with their technology partner Schnitzer from Freilassing, the engine engineers modified the V8 with an exactly balanced crankshaft and special camshafts. In addition, the cylinder-heads were machined, a special stainless steel made high performance exhaust system was especially developed for this car and the Motronic was recalibrated.

The Transmission of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

These modifications improve the power output from normal 286 hp / 210 kW to 310 hp / 228 kW. At the same time, the maximum torque is increased to 440 Nm at 4300 rpm, too. As a result, the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster offers excellent tractive power over the whole speed range and realizes excellent road performances: The two-seater car catapults itself from 0 - 100 km/h in 5,4 seconds only, the maximum speed is 265 km/h. These road performances are the result of a perfect combination from high engine performance and an optimally tuned power transmission. Matching the V8 engine, there is assembled the six speed manual gearbox from the 540i, which is additionally equipped with the AC Schnitzer Short Shift shifting travel shortage. This system makes shifting even faster and more precisely. The rear axle differential with oil cooling and 25% lock has quite a short gear ratio to reach excellent acceleration and tractive power.

The Brakes of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

To be able to always safely control the road performances any time, a special high performance brake system for the front axle was developed. The ventilated and grooved brake discs have a diameter of 334 millimeters and are 32 millimeters thick. The special calipers are equipped with two pistons with 42 millimeters diameter each. The standard ABS of course works with this brake system, too.

The Suspension Technology of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

To be able to safely control the high road performances any time, the engineers worked very hard and invested their whole Knowhow from motorsports into a sporty-safe suspension tuning. During extensive tests on race tracks and public roads they developed a combination from gas pressure shock absorbers, progressive springs and adjustable anti-roll bars which supply sporty handling at unchanged high ride comfort.

Of course the RS adjustable suspension of the V8 roadster has been tested on the North Loop of the Nürburging as well as on public roads.

The Wheels of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

Of course, the suspension concept also includes the AC Schnitzer Typ II racing rims in modular construction. These wheels became especially made for the V8 roadster in the dimensions 9.5J x 18" front and 10.5J x 18" on the rear axle. For the tyres, they chose the high performance tyres in the sizes 255/35 R 18 front and 285/30 R 18 rear.

The Bodywork of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

The technical attributes become visible on the body of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster, too: The front section is determined by the new front skirt with big, chromium edged air scoop and integrated fog lamps as well as by the large scoop in the bonnet which became necessary for the cooling of the engine.

The necessary four air outlets on every side stand as a symbol for the V8 engine simultaneously. In addition, there are assembled recently moulded AC Schnitzer fenders with aluminum-made air scoops which bring fresh air to the coolers. A homogeneous connection between the new fenders is made by the AC Schnitzer side skirts which are brought into line with the contours of the new fenders.

A homogeneous connection between the new fenders is made by the AC Schnitzer side skirts which are brought into line with the contours of the new fenders.

The AC Schnitzer rear valance with chromium plated underfloor-wing points the way to the future as well as the excitingly designed Speedster cover with integrated roll bars behind the seats which is an hommage to classic racing roadsters, too.

AC Schnitzer sports side mirrors in aerodynamic design and the AC Schnitzer Chromline for door handles, windscreen frame are more visually attractive features.

The Interior of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster

Exclusivity is trump in the cockpit of the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster: Matching the sports seats inAC Schnitzer design, the instrument panel, the center console and the door panels are upholstered with blue Nubuk leather

The ergonomically designed AC Schnitzer airbag-sports-steering-wheel always ensures an optimal road contact while the AC Schnitzer instrument combination guarantees a safe control of the engine. Aluminium pedals and-foot rest belong to the interior just like the AC Schnitzer entrance panels.

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