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AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T. based on BMW 3 series Coupé

With the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T. Concept Car trimmed for maximum sporting performance, our aim for the International Frankfurt Auto Show 1999 was to show what professional tuning can make of the two-door in the E46 model range.

A.R.T. stands for Advanced Racing Technology and indicates the direct technology transfer from the Schnitzer race team to the tuning house AC Schnitzer.

The Technic of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

Heart of this study is an independent AC Schnitzer engine concept based on the BMW S50 B 32 six-cylinder four-valve engine. With the help of a specially developed airbox and the use of many special parts coming from motor racing there are available 370 hp / 272 kW at 7900 rpm on the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.. The maximum torque of 380 Nm is available at 4500 revs.

A five-speed manual gearbox with AC Schnitzer Short Shift shifting travel shortage is transmitting the power to a special rear axle differential with 45 per cents locking ratio.

The road performances of this car are outstanding: The AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T. only takes 4.7 seconds to catapult from 0 - 100 km/h. Maximum speed is about 290 km/h. These exciting performances are not only a result of the excellent engine power.

The Brakes of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

Regarding the deceleration elements, AC Schnitzer also doesn’t make any compromises: The ABS-controlled brake system contains 2-pot floating calipers and vented Compound brake discs with 334 millimeters of diameter at the front axle. At the rear axle there also installed bigger dimensioned elements. 328 millimeters large discs are decelerated by 1-pot floating calipers. Special brake linings keep the system pressure on a constantly high level.

The Suspension Technology of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

The suspension of the AC Schnitzer concept car is consequently set up for optimal handling. The car is equipped with the firmly set up, height adjustable AC Schnitzer RS adjustable suspension in combination with special anti-roll bars and suspension cross braces at front and rear axle.

Of course the RS adjustable suspension of the ACS3 A.R.T. has been tested on the North Loop of the Nürburging as well as on public roads.

The Wheels of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

The modular AC Schnitzer racing wheels Type III have been adapted for the use on the ACS3 A.R.T. - in the first step they have been polished in a special process. In the dimensions 9.0J x 19" front and 9.5J x 19" rear they can be shod with high performance tyres of the sizes 245/35 ZR 19 front and 275/30 ZR 19 rear.

The Bodywork of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

Knowhow from motor racing also shapes the bodywork of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T., which isn’t only trimmed for spectacular look but especially for maximum downforce and lightweight construction.

The face of the study is shaped by the very sporty styled AC Schnitzer front apron with largely dimensioned scoops for the fresh air supply of coolers and front brakes.

To cope with the higher amount of hot air produced by the brakes, there are integrated vent slots into the fenders which have the look of chromed gills.

Additional fog-lights in the front apron provide an improved illumination of the road at bad sight conditions. The sides of the coupe are modified with aerodynamically designed sports side mirrors and side skirts. The side panels don’t only drop the air stream between the wheel houses but also make the fast car look more stretched and lower.

Downforce at the rear axle is produced with the complete AC Schnitzer aerodynamics-kit with roof spoiler, a diffusor integrated into the rear fascia and an adjustable rear wing.

In a very unique way, the technology transfer is also implemented on the design of the car. The whole bodywork is painted with the telemetry data of a FIA Class II touring car. This way, the model designation AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T. has a perfect ambiguity.

The Interior of the AC Schnitzer ACS3 A.R.T.

These exciting performances are not only a result of the excellent engine power. A fast car should be also as light as possible.

AC Schnitzer equips this study with a two-seater lightweight-cockpit with Carbon racing seats with two-tone leather trim and 4-point harnesses and many more accessories directly derived from racing cars.

They include an especially handy AC Schnitzer three-spoke sports airbag steering wheel and pedals and footrest made from aluminium. This material can be also found in the form of single components on the leather-trimmed dashboard. The rear seat bench is replaced by a covering in high-grade velours.

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