TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

"Only serious, safe tuning will bring the hoped-for driving pleasure!“ Under this motto, theAssociation of German Vehicle Tuners e.V. (VDAT) very year launches a special concept car.

In 2010, BMW AG is providing a BMW 123d Coupé for the Association's "TUNE IT! SAFE!“ initiative, which is also supported by the Police and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Road Development.

Most of the vehicle accessory equipment has been supplied by Aachen-based BMW tuning specialist AC Schnitzer. As in the last four years, a police vehicle has been professional converted as part of the promotion.

The Engineering of the TUNE IT!SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

The AC Schnitzer "ACS1 2.3d“, based on the BMW 123d Coupé, shows that safe tuning is far from boring. VDAT-member AC Schnitzer has upgraded the 2.3 D engine to 241 HP (177 kW) and 480 Nm. The police car with 6-speed automatic transmission now accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, so would acquit itself well even in the fastest pursuit.

With a sonorous sound the chromed AC Schnitzer Racing tailpipe dismisses the exhaust stream of the optimised engine.

The Suspenion Technology of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

The low, safe road position is achieved with the AC Schnitzer sports suspension with 30 mm lowering. This suspension was approved on the legendary racetrack - the North Loop of the Nürburgring - by the Technical Manager at AC Schnitzer, Mr. Manfred Wollgarten.

Additionally the suspension concept is completed by an aluminium strut brace for the front axle.

Of course the sports suspension of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer has been tested on the North Loop of the Nürburging as well as on public roads.

The Wheels of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

On the TUNE IT! SAFE! BMW AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV BiColor are fitted with tyres from TUNE IT! SAFE! main sponsor Hankook.

Here are a wealth of AC Schnitzer alloys and racing rims available for the BMW 1 series in Type II, Type III and Type IV designs.

As well as various combinations in 17" and 18" the 1-series can be fitted with 19" alloy or racing rims which take tyres of size 225/35 R 19 all round. This modification alone already perceptibly improves the driving dynamics.

The Bodywork of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

The bodystyling kit consists of two-piece front spoiler, rear skirt insert, rear wing and rear roof spoiler.

Good visibility is ensured by the "LEDayFlex“ modern daytime running lights from Hella, and optimum rearward vision by the AC Schnitzer "New Generation" sports mirrors.

To give the BMW the essential, authentic look of a "real" police car, Foliatec supplied the original stickering and Hella the flashing lights.

The Interior of the TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer

In the interior, the guardians of the law could enjoy leather racing bucket seats with AC Schnitzer logo and silver genuine carbon fibre trim on the dashboard, centre console, door handles and steering wheel, which are perfectly complemented by the aluminium pedals and aluminium foot rests. The aluminium cover for BMW's own "i-Drive System" controller as well as the carbon fibre automatic gear knob or the handbrake handle set further accents in the interior. Last but not least also velours floor mats with AC Schnitzer logo are available.

A further highlight is the G-force indicator, which measures and displays the centrifugal forces inside the car (prototype not available).

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"TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer" - total playing time: approx. 1:00 min.

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