AC Schnitzer 99d based on BMW Z4

When the calls for ecological awareness are becoming ever more strident, and sustainability is the key word, we‘re standing by our sporting heritage with a clear conscience. Because with the new 99d concept car, the AC Schnitzer engineers have succeeded in achieving the previously inconceivable:

Firstly they‘ve increased the performance of the standard engine from the 320d Efficient Dynamics from 163 HP to 190 HP, and at the same time they‘ve reduced the CO2 emissions from 109 g to 99 g. With a torque of 420 Nm, the AC Schnitzer Concept Car sprints to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and delivers a top speed of 235 km/h. But what‘s the secret behind these incredible figures? rpm

The AC Schnitzer 99d is a concept car not for sale, which was developed as a technology platform. In the form shown here, the vehicle would cost € 149,000.00.

The conversions in the fields of brakes, suspension, bodywork, interior and wheels are part of the accessory range for the BMW Z4 model range. All are homologated and available from BMW dealers.

The Technic of the 99d

The AC Schnitzer 99d generates only 99g/km CO2 – that's less than any standard BMW vehicle available at present. And despite this, driving pleasure is guaranteed thanks to 190 HP / 140 kW. The 99d accelerates from 0 - 100 in an electrifying 6.9 s and has a top speed of 235 km/h – a vehicle with all the sporting genes, in fact a true AC Schnitzer. And with a fuel consumption of just 3.8 litres diesel per 100 km.

So how does this Concept Car by AC Schnitzer manage to achieve such low figures? AC Schnitzer calls the combination of features Efficient Performance. "Pleasure is the driving force!“ That applies not only to the BMW engineers but also - and in particular - to the tuning specialists at AC Schnitzer.

A Diesel engine in a BMW Z4, and the most efficient currently available from BMW. It comes from the 320d EfficientDynamics Edition. And of course now the power has been optimised by the Aachen specialists to 190 HP and 420 Nm torque (standard 320d EfficientDynamics Edition: 163 HP).

The elegant lightweight coupé demonstrates what is technically possible today. The energy source for example is a lightweight lithium ion battery instead of the usual lead accumulator and also a lightweigt sports rear silencer system with chromed tailtrim has been fitted.

The Brakes of the 99d

Last but not least the AC Schnitzer lightweight 4-pot high performance brake system with retraction system for the front axle, and the lightweight brake discs on the front and rear axles, ensure the shortest braking distances.

The suspension of the 99d

The bodywork lowered by 30 mm, in conjunction with several AC Schnitzer carbon aerodynamic components, reduces drag. The AC Schnitzer RS adjustable suspension with adjustable dampers reduces the residual spring travel to a sporting but still comfortable level, especially when driving at low speeds.

Of course the RS adjustable suspension of the AC Schnitzer 99d was tested on the North Loop of the Nürburging as well as on public roads.

The wheels of the 99d

Weight reduction in unsprung mass: 35 kg less weight in the parts directly connected to the wheels, such as wheels, tyres and brakes, leads to a perceptible gain in agility and driving pleasure. The latest forging techniques using materials from the aerospace industry guarantee strength and an unbeatable weight saving. The Type VIII one-piece high-strength forged rims used on the AC Schnitzer 99d. These weigh in at just 7.9 kg per wheel and are connected to the vehicle with titanium wheel bolts.

Experts say that measures to reduce the unsprung mass have a benefit of up to four times the weight saving. This means that in terms of agility, the AC Schnitzer 99d feels like a vehicle which overall weighs 335 kg less.

The Continental BLUECO tyres size 225/35*19 were a special concept development in conjunction with AC Schnitzer. These tyres help optimise the rolling resistance. The design is a refinement of the Conti Sport Contact 5P, and allows sporting driving thanks to its high cornering stability and ZR speed rating of over 240 km/h.

The Bodywork of the 99d

The aerodynamics have been optimised with components specially developed by AC Schnitzer from super lightweight composite materials for the vehicle front and rear.

Carbon front spoiler and front grille silver matt eloxed (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program)

Carbon sports fenders, left and right incl. "Alulin"set (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program)

Bonnet vents

2-piece rear spoiler (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program)

Carbon rer skirt insert

Carbon roof

Carbon boot lid

The interior of the 99d

The interior of the AC Schnitzer 99d is a combination of developments from the AC Schnitzer range which are available for many BMW models, and special one-off products. In detail:

Sports steering wheel and painted interior panels as well as carbon racing seats with 99d logo

Gear knob (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program),
Aluminium foot rest and pedals (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program)
Velours floor mats with logo (part of the AC Schnitzer sales program).

The multimedia world too is not lacking thanks to the Apple iPhone4 integrated into the vehicle. This gives access to all data from the on-board computer. So the actual fuel consumption, or for example the function of the particle filter can be checked. Music, telephone, navigation, handsfree or internet complete the overall experience in the AC Schnitzer 99d.

The video gallery

AC Schnitzer 99d & Continental - Our partner in development presents the 99d - total playing time approx. 6:52 min. - German

AC Schnitzer 99d - First driving experiences with the concept car AC Schnitzer 99d - total playing time: approx. 1:34 min.

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