AC Schnitzer Wheel-/Tyre Sets for BMW 1 series M Coupé E82

Low weight, top quality. Irrespective of the wheel type you prefer, all AC1 wheels accomplish the often enormous weight reduction by highly innovative production technologies. High quality clear lacquer protects the wheel surface from corrosion and guarantees a long life.

Light Alloy Wheels – the innovative manufacture process combines precision with reliability. The weight-optimised alloys are produced in a process of low-pressure casting followed by heat method. High quality clear lacquer gives a perfect finish and defend all AC1 wheels from corrosion.

High-Tech, high pressure. Under very high burden, the AC1 Lightweight Forged Wheels show the light of the automotive future. The resulting substance strength allows extrem low wheel weights from just 9.4 kg. This corresponds to a burden saving of around 30% compared with conventional cast wheels. The lower weight brings more car agility and increased driving pleasure.

The multipiece Racing Forged Wheels merge elements from both production technologies. Visibly bolted, the wheel consists of two rolled alloy beds and a forged wheel centre.