M2 F87

Released: 08/2018

The AC Schnitzer Program for the BMW M2 F87

With the M2 by AC Schnitzer, the tuning experts from Aachen again show that improvements are always possible

Beyond the M-Series: Lighter, faster, more sporting

You expect nothing less from the AC Schnitzer tuning experts: Even where it seems that no further improvement can be expected, they repeatedly set new standards in the field of BMW tuning. This is demonstrated afresh by the BMW M2, which now rolls out onto the road as the M2 by AC Schnitzer with even more lightness, sporting performance and dynamics.

The Video Gallery

Record: 1:32.90 min - the M2 (F87) by AC Schnitzer is the fastest M2 on the Sachsenring

M2 (F87) by AC Schnitzer with export silencer - The sound video

M2 (F87) by AC Schnitzer with homologated silencer - The sound video

The Image Gallery - M2 F87

The Image Gallery - M2 Competition F87

M2 F87

Released: 08/2018