The AC Schnitzer Program for the BMW M5 F90

Still under development, in the absolute prototype stage: that's how the M5 by AC Schnitzer was sent on the Sachsenring round. It hadn't completed a meter on the track before - the increase in performance was brand-new and hadn't been tested either. The built-in aerodynamics was only available as a sample parts program. At that time, all parts that were later manufactured in carbon were "only" used as painted GRP parts. It was a risk. We decided to take it and despite this early project phase to face the direct comparison with the M5 series and some competitors.

1:31.71 min: Jörg Müller drives in the M5 by AC Schnitzer new record: fastest sedan on the Sachsenring

Nevertheless, the final developments for the M5 by AC Schnitzer have continued. Wheel/tyre combinations up to a rim size of 21 inches are now available. "Carbon Sport" tailpipes, first aerodynamic components and lowering springs are also available.

The Video Gallery

1:31.71 min: the M5 by AC Schnitzer is the fastest sedan on the Sachsenring - total playing time: approx. 2:33 min.

M5 by AC Schnitzer (test vehicle) - the very first impressions - total playing time: approx 0.41 min.

Record Day Sachsenring - AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport 1:31.71 min. Record Goal achieved! -2.19 sec.

Extract from report "Time Pressure" Record Day Sachsenring M5 by AC Schnitzer

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