World premiere: AC Schnitzer presents new wheel generation, the AC4 Flowforming Wheels

Technically modern design combined with a high quality production process, these attributes characterise the new AC Schnitzer AC4 Flowforming wheel generation, which is launched now by the tuning specialist AC Schnitzer for the compact BMW models 1-series (F40), 3-series (G20, G21), 4-series (G22, G23) and X2 (F39) in the sizes 8.5J x 20" and 9.5J x 20", in the colour variants BiColor Silver/Black and Black.

The filigree and large-looking spoke matrix of the AC4 Flowforming wheels with their double spokes, each forming an elongated pentagram with a rounded triangle below, has opened up a whole new design language in AC Schnitzer wheel design.

The shape of the double spokes and their connection to the rim centre is perhaps even reminiscent of a specific part from aviation technology: the rotor blades of a helicopter. A vertical cut, to the right and left of the spoke, visually separates the double spokes very clearly from the rim flange. This also makes the spokes look long and the rim particularly large.

The circumferential undercut reflects the high technical standard of the AC4 Flowforming rim. This is because this design element can actually only be realised if it is machined out of a solid material, such as is required in the forging process, as it is located behind the spokes. The undercut of the AC4 Flowforming rims is particularly visible on the BiColor version, as it brings out the high-quality aluminium with its silver surface.

The pentagonal hub cap with AC Schnitzer logo is a tribute to the successful predecessor rims, which are also equipped with this style element. Its tip points exactly upwards, towards the valve of the AC4 Flowforming rims, and opposite it, at the base of the rim, is lasered AC Schnitzer emblem.

The design of the AC4 Flowforming rims is geometrically precisely balanced. This also applies, of course, to the weight and the special production process of the new generation of rims.

The flowforming process is one of the most advanced production technologies in the wheel industry. In this production process, after the actual aluminium casting, the raw product is further processed by rolling it out. This step serves to compact the material, which guarantees a higher stability and impact resistance of the rim.

On the other hand, the design of the rims can be worked out more filigree due to the improved stability, as the wall thicknesses can be much thinner compared to conventionally manufactured rims.

And this is measurable: the AC4 Flowforming rim in 8.5J x 20" weighs just 11 kg and the 9.5J x 20" rim also weighs only 11.9 kg. The lower weight of the AC4 Flowforming rims compared to conventionally cast rims reduces the unsprung masses on the vehicle and thus also lowers the vehicle's CO2 emissions. At the same time, there is also a noticeable improvement in driving dynamics, as the gyroscopic forces at the axles are reduced. The AC Schnitzer AC4 Flowforming wheels therefore offer real advantages: for the driver and the environment.

The AC Schnitzer AC4 Flowforming Wheels at a glance:

Use for:

  • BMW 1-series (F40)
  • BMW 3-series (G20, G21)
  • BMW 4-series (G22, G23)
  • BMW X2 (F39)


  • 8.5J x 20" offset 56 - weight: 11.0 kg
  • 9.5J x 20" offset 50 - weight: 11.9 kg


  • 1-piece Flowforming Wheels


  • BiColor Silver/Black or Black

Wheel-Tyre combinations with the AC Schnitzer AC4 Flowforming Wheels BiColor Silver / Black or Black

1-series F40 with AC4 Flowforming Wheels

3-series G21 with AC4 Flowforming Wheels

4-series G22 with AC4 Flowforming Wheels

X2 F39 with AC4 Flowforming Wheels

The Video - AC4 Flowforming Wheels - total playing time: approx. 0:52 min.

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