AC Schnitzer Sports Steering Wheels

It is "THE" control element with which you have every driving situation safely under control. That's why the ergonomics of the steering wheel are particularly important. As with the new AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel, which is now available for a wide range of BMW models.

The steering wheel rim of the AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel comes in a fine material mix of perforated nappa leather in black with black Alcantara and forms to a single unit by a light grey cross-stitch seam. With recessed grips on the right and left for the driver's thumbs and the light grey motorsport indicator with AC Schnitzer logo for centre marking, orientation of the current steering wheel position is ensured. The use of the particularly breathable material, perforated nappa leather, in the main grip area also minimises the wear factor and ensures a long service life.

The AC Schnitzer sports steering wheel can be used both on vehicles with and without gearshift paddles. The combination with the AC Schnitzer aluminium gearshift paddles, which are noticeably larger than their standard counterparts, is a further sensible optimisation. In combination with the sports steering wheel, the result is a unit that is a good investment in road safety.

Besides the haptics, the high quality of the material also significantly improves the appearance of the cockpit.

The AC Schnitzer sports steering wheels at a glance

for:       cars with M steering wheels in the following models:
part number
1 series (F40) - 3 series (G20, G21) - 4 series (G22, G23) - Z4 (G29)
part number
5 series (G30, G31) - 6 series (G32) - 8 series (G14 - G16) - X3 (G01) - X4 (G02) - X5 (G05) - X6 (G06)
part number
M3 (G80) - M4 (G82, G83)

part number
M5 (F90) - M8 (F91 - F93) - X5 M (F95) - X6 M (F96)
X3 M (F97) - X4 M (F98)
Diameter:370 mm




  • steering wheel rim in perforated nappa leather in black
  • with black Alcantara and grey cross-stitch seam
  • recessed grips for the thumbs
  • centre marking in light grey Alcantara with
  • AC Schnitzer vitro insert

Scope of delivery:

  • optional: cover for recess for gearshift paddles on vehicles without gearshift paddles
  • incl. cover for M1/M2 buttons on M-vehicles


  • not necessary but with expert opinion


  • this function is not available for vehicles with steering wheel heating
  • not for vehicles with Driving Assistant Professional
  • if you wish to order an AC Schnitzer steering wheel please choose your car in the navigation and the the product group "Steering Wheels"

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