Performance upgrade installed - what happens to the warranty?


For all AC Schnitzer performance upgrades, AC Schnitzer provides a warranty depending on your home country up to 5 years and up to 120,000 km mileage on the assemblies moved by the engine. For M models, this warranty ends at 80,000 km. The warranty is free of charge for our customers.

This gives you reassurance in the event of an incident.

For your Information:

Conversion using AC Schnitzer components does not affect the fundamental warranty obligation of BMW AG in relation to the complete vehicle. The BMW warranty can only be excluded in the special case of a claim which is directly attributable to a conversion. BMW vehicles upgraded with AC Schnitzer components are therefore not automatically excluded from the warranty. We would be pleased to supply corresponding information on request.

You can find details of the AC Schnitzer warranty conditions  here.

The video gallery

"Performance Upgrades" - Who can increase driving pleasure? This video gives the answer to the question. - Playing time approx.: 1:10 min.

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