AC Schnitzer 22" wheel & tyre set type V forged BiColor Michelin for BMW X3 F25

AC Schnitzer 22" wheel & tyre set type V forged BiColor Michelin for BMW X3 F25


Part Nr.: 8226225842

Expert opinion
homologation require 5119210110
not for cars with trailer hitch !

consisting of:
FA: 9,5 x 22" offset 30 with 255/30 R 22
RA: 9,5 x 22" offset 30 with 255/30 R 22
EU tyre label
Fuel efficiency FA: Fuel efficiency: E
RA: Fuel efficiency: E
Wet grip FA: Wet grip: A
RA: Wet grip: A
Noise category / level FA: Noise category / level: B / 71
RA: Noise category / level: B / 71
An AC Schnitzer wheelset combines sporty design with ideal grip.
Only after multistage tests on conventional roads and on racetracks such as the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring will the wheelset be released for sale.
The AC Schnitzer wheel sets always use high-quality brand tyres for the AC Schnitzer wheel sets, because the quality is decisive for the precise power transmission of the vehicle to the road, braking behaviour, lateral guidance, straight running and water drainage in rain.
Before delivery, the wheels are assembled, balanced and checked for concentricity.
The scope of delivery of an AC Schnitzer wheel set includes the necessary mounting adapter packages and the corresponding parts certificate.

Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer
The use of light alloy wheels reduces the unsprung masses in the vehicle, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Higher agility
Reduced weight of the rims, which significantly reduces the gyroscopic forces on the axle and noticeably improves cornering handling
Improved acceleration and deceleration due to reduced vehicle masses

Increased security
Higher safety reserves shift the border zone
The certificate of authenticity of the original AC Schnitzer rims guarantees a high safety standard and best quality

Increased Driving Spa
Exclusive and timeless look of the alloy wheels
Sporty and dynamic driving characteristics combined with a real racing feeling
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