AC Schnitzer Homologation Certificates

Thank you for letting us help you optimise your vehicle with AC Schnitzer special conversions. The approval of AC Schnitzer special parts for road traffic is a central goal for us in the development of new components and accordingly a large part of our more than 2,000 articles for BMW, MINI, LAND ROVER and Jaguar vehicles are homologated for road traffic. This means that after completion of the development and test phase, we passed extensive tests at official organisations for these parts. We differentiate:

1. EC Type Approval
2. Homologation Certificate
3. Export Opinon

(If you would like to know the differences, you will find the definitions of the individual test certificates at the bottom of this page.)

The documents which are relevant for your product were part of the scope of delivery when you purchased your product. If it is lost, you can download it online at any time. We have deposited these documents for you on our website directly with the respective product. Please click as follows to find the document:

  1. Selection of your vehicle make (e.g. BMW)
  2. Selection of your model (e.g. G30 5 Series Sedan / G31 5 Series Touring)
  3. Selection of the main group (e.g. suspension)
  4. Selection of product details (e.g. suspension spring set for saloon for vehicles with Dynamic Damper Control SA 223 ...)
  5. Scroll down and open the "Multimedia & Documents" tab.
  6. -> Here you can find the homologation certificate (for above mentioned spring kit)

If you are looking for a document for a predecessor vehicle that is no longer listed on our homepage or if the procedure described is too complicated for you, you can also order the certificate from us. In this case we charge a fee of 30 € per document and part, since an employee in our extensive archive must view the required documents, scan and send if necessary. We also charge the fee if it turns out in the course of our research that the desired document is no longer available. In this case please contact directly mario.gaa(at) 

What is what? A few definitions.

EC Type Approval
The approval of AC Schnitzer special parts for road traffic is a central goal for us when developing new components. Registration in the vehicle documents is not required if the EC type approval is carried.


Homologation Certificate
The parts homologation certificate is an official document which allows the use of tuning parts in public road traffic within the framework of the (StVZO) German road traffic licensing regulations (and some other countries). After installation or conversion of the part described in the certificate, the vehicle must be presented to an official inspection body. The inspector determines the correct installation and the authenticity of the part and subsequently enters the modification in the vehicle documents. The official operating license of the vehicle thus remains in force. The parts homologation certificate is part of the scope of delivery.


Expert Opinion
The approval of AC Schnitzer special parts for road traffic is a central goal for us when developing new components. This is also decisive for the development of new aerodynamic components. However, some parts are not subject to approval. We have had an expert opinion prepared for such parts. This serves to prove that the corresponding part complies with the regulations and states that no risk is to be expected when the part is installed as intended, which is why the part can be used without restriction. Acceptance of the installation or mounting is not required. According to § 19, para. 2 StVZO the operating permit of the vehicle does not expire.

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